Projekt Shark

Project Shark? The shark is a robber of the seas.

InterNet - Criminals like Scriptkids, Virus - Programmers and similar shapes, call themselves hackers (however determines are none ) are the robbers of the InterNet. How does we fight this robbing people? We imagined, try we it with security in the worst way. Because our opponent is scruplesless and brutal in his proceeding. For this reason we call our safety offensive project Shark.
Here is it thus. The project Shark runs on full speed. And many go through already, by inquiring. We will be able to place soon a forum to furnish in that to interested inquiries. Safety gaps to uncover is not today heavy to be made this however professionally to close is not with any Tools from magazines even if these are often good, is correct application often only from specialists to to be made. Safety test or ago - we work at first sight just as scruplesless as those, which want to your data or to your money. Or like those, which would like to simply only destroy your data or your hardware. Because we are convinced of the fact that it functions only in such a way.

Thus, on what you wait? Let us your test system before others do it !