If the nightmare of the computer crash, while you lead on-line with business partners negotiations, reality too late are it of it after will think.We want to develop ganzheitliche problem solutions in individual form for our customers as "tailored suit", produce, offer and to install reliably. Dirk Nernheim - IT Consulting and Services stands for more IT Security, improved firm structure and reliable IT systems Our customers are our partners and decide the success of our enterprise:

We must solve the desires and problems of our customers, because by them we make our money and secure our future; our products must offer clear advantages and use for the customer, particularly in quality, technical execution, assortment extent and deliverability!

Our existence secures and makes the perfect control of our cash transaction it for us possible to master the requirements of the future!
Our goal is it to develop with our suppliers a partnership, long-term relationship. A condition for this is the competition in quality, delivery service, price and an optimal problem solution!

We concentrate our whole strength for manufacturing our products perfectly and economically for selling and for supplying reliably as well as professionally!

We are conscious to us over the responsibility in relation to our environment and the surrounding field in which we live. We want to codesign and improve!

Uschi Abicht & Dirk Nernheim