About Us

Nernheim IT introduce it self


2001 begin success history. In a time, in which hardly an enterprise was interested in it, IT coworker to adjust firmly, the idea came freelance to work. The requirements enterprises were at the time the following: Specialists only as for a long time use as necessary! Whereupon we adjusted ourselves and our offer of always far to the requirements of the customers adapted.

A development from that you today to profit know.

And Nernheim IT Services & Consulting moves to Relax IT Consulting!

We expand our business! For you as a client nothing will change!

But: The new constellation of a managing director, who takes care of the Administration Office, so our consultants get more time to be there your needs.

We reorganize us under the new name RELAX IT Consulting and moved our headquarters to southern Germany.

Our previous site will remain as the basis for our customers in NRW and Northern Germany to operate.

For you ever up to Date

By constant further training in the newest systems, the current software packages and operating systems we hold our team up to date.

The exchange of experiences in the most diverse situations increases the knowledge all team members involved.